Swift Shift activation rod length problem with Suntour Power ratchets



Well, got my McMaster Carr 3/8" IS/5/8" OS washers and they fit like
magic in my ratchet shifters. But now it won't hold steady.


The support rod that connects with the power ratchets are 1mm longer
round base and 1mm longer oblong part for a combined difference of 2mm
total longer rod on Suntour down tube bracket (Right Silver) vs the
Swift Shift bracket (Left Black). Therefore the washer with the oblong
shape on top right part in picture doesn't hold nut steady on the
Swift Shift bracket.

Any suggestions? All I can think of is grind block base back 2mm to
round surface and grind round surface back 1mm to oblong surface, but
that machining sounds expensive. Maybe I could destroy the Suntour
bracket and shape it around Swift shift bracket and JB weld it. Or
better yet, I can check my cheaper stock Simplex down tube bracket and
see how that may work. Rather mutilate that bracket into a rectange
shape. But for some reason, I don't think I will have that choice
since Simplex shifters are cheap and not ratchets.

The Suntour support rods are held by eye shaped slugs in the end, so
don't know exactly how they are held to a fixed position.

Somebody told me they were all shifters were standardized, so I didn't
see the 1mm+1mm differences until fit them on with the proper sized
washers. Standardized? lol

Any better ideas would be appreciated. When the time comes, I'll even
consider a Shimano 7 speed STI, again.

Phil Bailey


Well looked at it real good and had it figured out what to machine
down on Swift Shift fixture, but then the cable housing fixture would
be inside of where cables exit. So... it was good engineering
information on Swift Shift mechanics, plus initial shifter cables/
housing (until ergo) and housing stops which will go on my Simplex
down tube bracket now.

I'm going to use the original headlamp support bracket concept hanging
from aerobar to hold ratchet shifters, but with a screw in bracket
band borrowed from Swift Shift engineering and with one of the new
handlebar shims coming in next Tuesday. It will be perfect size rather
then the 3" long shim I got at LBS before when initially modelling
headlamp support concept. The ratchet shift is just too precision fit
to mount on anything other than the Suntour down tube bracket its on.
Too many precision interfaces to deal with.



Despite the shifter bracket mismatch in width to fit 2mm wider ratchet
shifters and cable guides inteface on Swift Shift, I figured a way to
keep Swift Shifts nice cable guides, direct bolt fastening to aerobar,
and compact size. What a puzzle.


And here is held up to aerobars on 1971 Raleigh Supercourse reborn.


Nanometer toleranced fit (got lucky, ... finally!).