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  1. When I swim at the pool in the winter, I use the equipment

    I want to get my own equipment. things like pull buoys,
    flutter boards and such.

    What would you suggest?

    what brand?


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    >I want to get my own equipment. things like pull buoys,
    >flutter boards and such.
    >What would you suggest?

    I like these fins because they fit in my bag and work well
    in breaststroke: http://www.donalfagan.com/html/pdfins.html

    Many people prefer Zoomers, which are also small and have a
    flat end for pushing off after flip turns.

    I like these, too:

    I have a Zura kickboard. There are handholds and a scoop out
    of the back so you can lower your head while you kick. It is
    a very nice kickboard, but I never remember to get it out of
    the trunk. I don't really need one.

    I don't need a pull float, either, and I really don't know
    why the solid foam jobs would be any better than the old ones-
    two short foam tubes connected by nylon cord.

    I wouldn't recommend hand paddles.

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