Switching bikes makes no difference?

I just got 16 kms away and the bottom bracket i greased last night fell apart and the chain snapped. I scootered my bike home, put a new link on the chain and retightened up the bottom bracket. Does ride smooth as butter though.

Actually the scootering is kind of like cross training, I was able to cover about 10 kms without too much trouble in about 1/2 an hour.
I have never regretted buying quality in anything, and I think it's even more important with something that needs ongoing professional service and maintenance. Which is one great reason to get to know your LBS well, develop a relationship, and be willing to put out what you need to. As the owner of my favorite LBS says, the cheap mass merchandiser bikes break a lot, and the repair bill can be more than the bike if it was a low end model.

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