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I'm sad to see that nobody is really taking you seriously here. I think what you want to do is very
easily accomplished. All you need to do is get hold of rollers with a resistance unit and mount them
backwards from your rearwheel. If you adjust the distance between the front and back rollers you'll
have your rear wheel and the B.O.B wheel on the rollers. Now just load her up and go.

If you intend to get serious about this I suggest you get two rollers and mount them together as
one unit. This may take a bit of welding but I'm certain it would be a piece of cake for a man of
your calibre.

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> Benjamin Weiner wrote:
> > I haven't ever ridden a trainer enough to damage a frame, and maybe few
> > ever will. Somewhere on rec.bicycles.*, Andrew Coggan reported breaking
> > lightweight steel frame at the chainstay, on the trainer, but he rides
> > trainer a lot.
> That brings to mind a serious and so-far intractable problem I've been having, I hope somebody can
> help. Here's the deal:
> Old fashioned trainers held the bike by the front fork and the chainstays just behind the bottom
> bracket. I didn't like these because I had to remove my kickstand to mount the bike on the
> trainer, and it felt funny to have the handlebars immobilized by the fork clamp--I like to pretend
> I'm riding my favorite trials course when I use my trainer, and the inability to steer ruins the
> illusion.
> Modern trainers generally grip the ends of the rear axle, steadying the bike, while allowing you
> to tun the handlebars. This also has the added benefit that it raises the rear while leaving the
> front wheel on the floor. Thus, not only can you steer as much as you want, but, unlike most road
> rides, it's downhill all the way!
> The big problem with this type of trainer (I'm sure I can't be the only one to have run into this
> difficult) is that the trainer attachment makes it impossible to attach my B.O.B. trailer! I like
> to schlep a couple of cinder blocks in the B.O.B. for extra resistance, so I get a better
> workout, but there just doesn't seem to be any modern-style trainer that will permit the
> attachment of the B.O.B.
> I've tried complaining to B.O.B. about this, but they've been no help. They act as if I'm some
> kind of nut, and put me on hold whenever I call.
> Surely there must be some sort of adaptor to make this work, but I'm stumped!
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