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Discussion in 'Australia and New Zealand' started by Andrew Price, Jun 9, 2003.

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  1. Andrew Price

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    Went looking for the best way to the airport, if you want to ride there -

    From the south -

    If you can handle Gen Holmes Drive, first left after the big tunnel, right onto Ross Smith Ave, (v
    quiet street) stay on that until you do a left into the domestic terminals, might be better to stay
    left to go in through the arrivals area and take the excalators upstairs for departures (or fight
    the taxis & go up and over the elevated roadway)

    From the west -

    Suggest the bike track from Tempe to Marsh St, take the footpath over the bridge over the Cooks
    River, left after and under the bridge onto the new bike path, keep traight on on old rough road
    with the canal on your right, brigns you out in the International Terminal car park, next to the
    Domestic transfer bus pick up.

    From the north -

    Shoulder of Southern Cross Drive, take the Wentworth Ave exit, right at the second lights from
    Wenworth into Botany Rd for 50m, left across the rail crossing, through the lights and right into
    Ross Smith Ave, then as for the first route.

    From the city and east -

    From Anzac Parade, turn into Dacey Ave, left onto the shoulder of Southern Cross Drive, then as from
    the north.

    For what its worth Qantas have large and good cardboard bike boxes, nominal cost and cheaper yet if
    you re-cycle a used one; take duct tape and a sense of adventure.

    Would be interested if anyone has better routes, esp leaving the airport going north

    best Andrew

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Not open for further replies.