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Discussion in 'Australia and New Zealand' started by Megan Webb, Jun 14, 2003.

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  1. Megan Webb

    Megan Webb Guest

    The city council has just released their bike plan and it is truly appalling. Over four years they
    will paint some bike logos on a couple of streets. So much more is needed if Sydney is to be the
    world city they invisage. BikeSydney has flyers for distribution to urge people to write submissions
    (just a three line email on the need for better bike facilities in the city will do). See the plan

    You will find the flyer (single page, or double ready for printing) at > advocacy
    > resources. Please download the flyer, circulate it to all your friends and print some out to hand
    to people in the street/bike shop/workplace.

    If we are to convince the council they need to do more, we have to be able to show LOTS of support.
    Deadline is 4th July.

    Thank you


    Full details: Poor prospects for safe city cycling in Draft Central Sydney Bike Plan

    After a seven year wait the City of Sydney Council has finally released a minimalist bike plan. b
    The Council says that because not many people are cycling there is not much need for better
    facilities. "Bicycle use remains a small percentage… This is to place it, when considering
    practical, achievable improvements, in context with the overall transport needs of the City" (page
    5) b The Council says they have already provided bicycle lanes in form of ‘designated bus lanes'.
    "Bicycle Lanes have been provided that connect with major entry points into Central Sydney. For
    example: Whitlam Square is accessed by cyclists using the bus lanes on Oxford Street." (page 6)
    "Bicycle travel within the CBD is accommodated via an extensive network of bus lanes, with cyclists
    generally sharing the road with other traffic." (page 9) b The Council believes that better
    facilities won't encourage much more cycling. "For the vast majority of residents in the expanse of
    greater Sydney, cycling to and around the CBD is not likely to be encouraged through the enhancement
    of existing cycling facilities in the CBD." (page8)

    See for yourself at or get a copy from the
    Town Hall One Stop Shop or Glebe & Kings Cross neighbourhood service centres.

    It's great that the City is finally doing something for cyclists. We want a bike plan that will be
    implemented not shelved. But this plan is too inadequate and needs improvements if it is to "improve
    cycle access" and "encourage safe cycling". See reverse for BikeSydney's suggested improvements.

    The Lord Mayor, Councillor Lucy Turnbull, has indicated a willingness to accept changes including
    fast tracking the implementation of the routes and parking.

    We need your help to show that there is strong public support for a better bike plan.

    Write now to the General Manager, City of Sydney, GPO Box 1591, Sydney 2001 or at
    [email protected] about the Draft Central Sydney Bike Plan. Thank or congratulate them
    and say what you think is good and bad, what improvements are needed and why it is important to you
    or to the city. Comments close 4th July. Please forward a copy to [email protected]

    Thanks for your help in making Sydney better for bikes! Please pass this flyer on.

    BikeSydney thinks improvements like these would give the bike plan a chance of meeting its
    objectives: b Implement all the bike routes this year (or month?), not over four years – High
    priority b Start installing bicycle parking throughout the city immediately – High priority b
    Include the new council areas (East Sydney & Glebe) in a future bike plan soon (esp. Syd Uni) b
    Ensure that existing facilities in the new council areas are kept maintained – High priority b Mark
    bus lanes with bike logos or they should not be shown as routes in the bike plan – High priority b
    Establish a bicycle committee for regular dialogue on city bicycle issues – High priority b
    Implement a 40kph speed limit throughout the city (this will happen anyway, but the sooner the
    better) b Allow access to the cycleway to Pyrmont Bridge by a contra-flow lane

    b Take into account recommendations from bicycle commuters and couriers to fine tune routes to meet
    desire lines and ensure their usability. b Avoid shared paths in areas of high pedestrian activity
    unless there is sufficient space for all. b Bike logos must be in the centre of the traffic lane,
    not over to the left, to counter the widely held misconception that people on bicycles should ride
    in the gutter. b Ideally the council should employ someone with bicycle expertise to manage the

    What's in the bike plan?
    Note: "Route" means bike logos in the traffic lane and signage – Council says "no room for bike
    lanes in the city". These four "routes" will be done one per year (eg. Elizabeth St logos in
    2006/07). b Foreshore Route: from Millers Point to Dawes Point, Circular Quay via Albert & Alfred to
    Macquarie St and Art Gallery and Mrs Macquaries Roads b Eastbound (King St) and Westbound
    (Liverpool St) and Hay St (both directions, on the tramway) routes and Abercrombie to
    Cleveland St/Prince Alfred Park route b Cross City Tunnel Route: RTA bike lane on
    William/Park Sts & bike route on Kent St (future two-way) b Peripheral Route: Prince Alfred
    Park via Elizabeth, Wentworth, College and Macquarie St.

    b Investigate & install bicycle parking rails (Foreshore route in year 2 and on Peripheral Route in
    year 3) b Driver education (about aggression towards cyclists) in year 2
    (2006/08)b Cyclist education (about footway offences) in year 3

    The objectives of the Bike Plan are to: Ø To improve cycle access to the CBD Ø To improve cycle
    access around the CBD Ø To enhance the supply of bicycle parking facilities Ø To encourage safe
    cycling and enhancing public safety awareness of cyclists

    See map and more at

    Every email/letter counts in showing the city council the support for a (better) bike plan.

    Thank you very much for your help.

  2. Is it true that Frank Sarton (former mayor) is on record as saying he does not want bicycles in the
    CBD, and council policy reflects this attitude?
  3. Megan Webb

    Megan Webb Guest

    Hi Luther,

    Sorry for the delay in replying. I have been travelling.

    I am not sure if this is the case or not, but certainly the bike plan is not favourable to cyclists.

    Luther Blissett <[email protected]> wrote in message
    news:<[email protected]>...
    > Is it true that Frank Sarton (former mayor) is on record as saying he does not want bicycles in
    > the CBD, and council policy reflects this attitude?
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