Paul Flewitt

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Jul 13, 2011
As the title suggests, I am doing that cycle ride despite the above comments and as a novice in the cycle stakes I'm after advice on the best time of year to go (in Aus.) and maybe a list of equipment 'can't do withouts!'. I've done bush walks and been bitten by Huhntsman Spiders so I'm OK with uncomfortability.

P.S. I aquired Brain Damage from a Kite Surfing accident, lost a lung, got phnemonia, fractured my neck, spent 3 months in a coma and survived. So ''rasberry sound's'' to the misery guts above who said don't bother... ...and I'm not trying to raise anything, just trying to prove a point to anyone afflicted by something as dramatic...

Also, I didn't fancy cycling Europe cause there's to many roads, traffic, rules etc. South Australia looks like it's maybe more straight forward in terms of a road ! - a long one, but one all the same...
Hi With regards to the best time of the year to go, I suggest checking out the Bureau of Meteorology website for their wind roses (wind data). It should give you an idea as to what time of the year you will get the more favourable winds. I also suggest checking out the Australian Cycling Forums touring section. There is a fair bit of discussion about this route including a couple of riders currently doing it. It terms of gear, I have posted my gear list here. It might give you some ideas. I have found that my bushwalking experience translates pretty well to cycling touring with the exception of the concept of going light. That seems to not sit well with cyclists. One suggestion you might want to consider is going from Perth to Norseman via the wheatbelt/Granite to Woodlands Trail as it provides a more interesting route in my view from following the Great Eastern Highway out of Perth to Norseman before you hit the Nullarbor. Good luck with your ride. Andrew