Sydney riders and favourite rides


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Oct 30, 2002
So who here is from Sydney and where do you ride?<br /><br />I've been trying to find good long rides for base training and some big hills that won't get me run over by nutcase Sydney drivers.<br /><br />so where do you all go and why and perhaps we can get a few people together for a ride<br /><br />
That all really depends on what you ride.<br />try this anyhow....<br /><br /> ;D<br />hope it helps
6 months ago before some jackass stole my MTB that would have been sweet but i dont know if the road bike would survive!<br />
Towards the north of sydney there is galston gorge, bobbin head, berowra waters and brooklyn.<br /><br />All have decent descents and climbs<br /><br />Jonny
cool i will have to check them out when i get my bike back from the shop<br /><br />so jonny where are you based?
cool, my parents live out that way at beecroft and baulkham hills, <br /><br />i've been pestering some of the other guys from Sydney to get together for a ride or two since all these SA guys seem to be a pretty tight little posse!!!<br /><br />let me know if your interested in going for a ride sometime
Sorry Duckwah,<br /><br />No training rides for me for a while.<br />On monday im getting a knee reconstruction which will put me out of competitive cycling for 6 months. :'(<br /><br />Jonny<br /><br />
ouch!<br /><br />i'm still trying to avoid surgery for patellar tendonitis at the moment, lots of painful physio and stuff.<br /><br />so good luck with it and i hope you get back to cycling with a minimum of hassle
Another Sydneysider here. I ride from Lane Cove to Glebe return most days as a work commute though I'm hoping to do an extra 10-15miles every 2nd or 3rd day. Just waiting on some motivation lol. I'm not a competitive cyclist - i just enjoy riding and having been off the bike for a while i'm enjoying reducing my spare tyre (gut). You have probably overtaken me on my<br />cheers<br />rifraf
You guys must be choking big time on the bushfire smoke at the moment.<br />I'm in Brisbane and it's blowing up here. I can only imagine what it's like down there.<br /><br />Must be hard riding thru smoke fog :'(
yeah sometimes i don't know if i am doing more harm than good riding through it <br /><br />depends where you go though
Kurringai National Park has some good rides, especially in the early hours. Akuna bay , West head and Cottage point. Also from St Ives to Hornsby via Bobbin Head or d oa whole circuit from Nothern beaches to Hornsby via Kurringai National Park.
Old Pacific highway is a good ride, Putty road from Richmond to Colo bridge or Bulga, lonely but good ride. Back road from richmond to Penrith is good also. I've usually done these rides in the early mornings before 9.00am. The traffic in Sydney gives me the ***** and it aint gettin better:rolleyes:

I'm from sydney :)

blacktown area... and I'm interested in riding once i get a road bike.. LOL... currently riding a MTB around for my training...

A good ride is out to Picton via Razorback or even Old Razorback(as it has no traffic).If your feeling good at Picton you can continue onto The Oaks.