Tacx Flow...help!


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Dec 31, 2006
I just got the Flow and I am having problems riding at a low rpm and high watts. It seems that when I start to pedal more slowly the Tacx thinks I need help and resets the wattage to whatever is "appropriate" for my cadence. How do I get around this?
Secondly, when you set the wattage, why doesn't it just stay there? It is a constant struggle between pushing the watts I want without having to spin like crazy.
Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. :confused:
I have a Tacx Flow and feel your pain.

I will be selling the Flow after the holidays.

Powertap coming.
I have no problems with my flow - I don't use the "set wattage" function though, as the accuracy is way off for that, and as you say it is not easy to actually stay at the desired level...

I just use the gearing on the bike and the resistance brake (and my own effort) in the ergo function to ride....

The flow is a great training tool if you accept that you need to make sure you stay at a desired wattage by monitoring the screen rather than having the luxury of being able to set a desired wattage and then go for it.
Thanks for the tip - it seems to be much better adjusting the watts the way you suggested.