Tailwind 8 running 805941-400 coming


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Mar 3, 2016
Comfort! This paragraph Nike AIR MAX TAILWIND 8 running shoes 805941-400, carrying engineering mesh upper and full Palm segment type Max Air cushion, for you create light breathable feel and soft comfortable of sustained earthquake performance; Flywire fly line can with pace adjustment, plastic on dynamic fitting sense, bent concave slot is brings flexible freely of movement feel; within boots structure create seamless comfortable feel, full Palm type Cushlon in the end of build soft sensitive of strong sustained earthquake protection, bubble cotton package covered Air-Sole the air,creating a soft andcomfortablepaceexperience.

UpperwithNikeFlyknittechnology,flyingprobeleads,carefullyfor the Biped to createlightasfeathers,personalandnaturalupper.NikeFlyknitforweavingtheNikeFlywireupperandshoelacesperfectintegration,andvolumeof the flyline2015hasincreasedfrom5to6.Createdynamic,supportivefitexperience,on a collarprintedwith the NikeAirMax2016words,pullstrapdesign is easy to wearoff,comfortablefittingexperience.


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