Take THAT Dr. Fuentes!

Dear RBRists:
While VS was broadcasting about forty minutes at the end of
yesterday's Tour de France coverage (stage 7, no spoilers) I was flat
on my back donating two units of platelets and a side helping of
plasma. Then when that was over I switched to the first 20 minutes of
Yeah, the bloodbank puts in TVs in the aspherisis area because donors
are going to be down for about an hour as the centrifuge takes what it
wants and returns the remainder back to us.
If we're unlucky, the stuff I left behind will be ready for use by
someone who needs it.
Given that blood products are perishable, and the quantities
of bags of this and that from various riders Dr. Fuentes had in the
fridge, I'm beginning to think that if he was selling athletic
performance enhancement than perhaps half, or more, of the procedures
he conducted would have minimal, if any physiological impact (but
perhaps a lot psychologically, the placebo effect and all that) -- but
he would have definitely charged full price for all of it!
Anyone want to tae bets on when FIFA would have the soccer
players pledge fair play, no performance enhancement and submission to
DNA tests on pain of salary forfieture? Nope, I don't think it'll ever
happen either.

[email protected]

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