Takes 1HR to fix hub motor flat..fragile? Mini e-Vespa's, etc.

Discussion in 'Road Cycling' started by Electric Bike &, Jul 22, 2003.

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  1. A bike mech at Dizzy Cycles claimed that he had been working for an hour fixing a hub motor flat. At
    the time I saw this bike on his stand, there were still several parts yet to be installed. The ebike
    in question is one of the 250w Chinese type that is often seen on eBay selling for $300-$400.

    One concern, for me, was the 4 electrical wires that had to be inserted into a hollow axle that
    powers the (rear) hub motor. In my view, unless those wires had a 'bullet-proof' cover, a sideswipe
    with any rough surface could shear the insulation, thereby causing a short. I did not see any such
    bullet-proof cover. Does anybody have knowledge or review/comments about these hub motor axle wires?

    On another matter, I've seen 4 ebikes from China that were similar externally but each one had a
    different controller and wiring. With signal lights, yet. If I had a choice, I would not want a
    complicated controller with signal lights, brake lights, and headlights going into a controller
    mounted low where water spray could get into it.

    In contrast, the Ego2's controller is mounted in a spot where is it impossible to get wet.

    The Currie electric bikes have the best solution, with the PWM controller built into the motor and
    only a minimum of wires that can 'go wrong'.

    Incidentally, two of the the 4 Chinese (not Currie) ebikes mentioned above developed problems but
    had to be shipped back to Montreal because they could not be field-repaired.

    On another thread, one other problem with a Chinese (not a Currie) electric scooter with pedals
    (looks like a scooter that somehow sprouted pedals) is that their 150w motors only allowed them to
    crawl at 2MPH on a 3% grade, without pedalling.

    I'd also like to mention that after a brief test of a cute, mini electric Chinese 'Vespa' (said to
    have 500w motor), I came to a view that its handling characteristics at top speed, approx. 15MPH,
    were less than safe. The Ego2's handling at the Ego's top speed (approx. 20MPH) are superb and
    confidence-inspiring, imho.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.