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  1. Are carbon cranks really worth the money? Are steel bikes classic, or just old-fashioned? Share your
    interests with people who want to hear your views -- and get paid a dollar a minute at the same
    time! In an astoundingly easy way to make $10 bucks, $30 bucks, or more, a University of
    Pennsylvania study is paying participants to talk on the phone with others about their interests and
    passions. Give us your thoughts on anything from your favorite pedal system to your favorite frame
    material. And get paid!

    Contribute your voice to scientific research and earn a chance to win $1000!

    The Linguistic Data Consortium at the University of Pennsylvania ( needs
    participants for FISHER, a new telephone speech study to be conducted in the Early Winter 2002-2003.
    FISHER is open to all speakers of English, native and non-native alike. In contrast to prior US
    regional studies (Switchboard), FISHER will be national (North America). The FISHER project will be
    undertaken to support linguistic research, technology development and education. All calls will be
    recorded for these purposes. Participant Identities will be kept strictly confidential and not
    released with the data.

    FISHER participants will take part in 1 to 3 telephone calls talking to other participants on
    suggested topics for ten minutes. FISHER topics can be found at the URL below:

    A robot operator will initiate all calls. Participants need only answer their phones at the time
    they specify during the registration process.

    Participants will be compensated $10 per call. In addition, for each call made, participants will be
    eligible for 1 chance at (3) $1000.00 lottery prizes.

    This study is open to anyone in the US. You need not be a US citizen to participate. You need only
    have the ability to answer a phone in the US. If you know of anyone who might be interested in
    contributing their voice to LDC research, we would also be appreciative if you could make them aware
    of this opportunity.

    To register for this study please see the following page:

    or call 1 800 380 PENN, to register and for more information


    Dr. David Miller FISHER Project Manager

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.