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    I use Campy Atlanta rims on my tandem. I find them very srtrong and almost never break any spokes. I have a Suntour Hub on Front and a Shimano LX 100 hub on the back. Is there any wide flange hubs specifically for Tandems on the market, preferrably sealed bearings. If not what alternative do I have short of getting 40 or 48 spoke hubs and new rims.

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    Hi. 'Phil Wood' cycle hubs, from the USA, seem to have a v.good reputation, and I think they do make a tandem-specific
    hub. Also, you could look at the harriscyclery site of Sheldon
    Brown's. I have a Shimano hub which was given me with the assurance that it was ideal for a tandem, being big and beefy. I'll dig it out maybe Sunday if you need the part number. Regards, Will.