Tandem bikes for losing weight


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May 26, 2015
Have you considered using tandem bikes to lose weight? I had the opportunity to ride a tandem bike in the mountain resort a few years back. My sister was in tandem with me. When I would be the one to exert effort, it seemed like I couldn't pedal for the 2 of us. My sister said that the tandem bike is designed for 2 people to pedal.That gets me thinking if the tandem bike is a good way to lose weight?
I am not really sure about the losing weight part but what I am certain is that those bikes were built to have someone spend time with you and for the both of you to have fun while using it. Maybe some of the additional benefits that this kind of bike would do is the ability to lose more weight.
Well biking, in general, helps lose weight as long as you take the effort and the time, so tandem bikes can also do the same, but you have to find a willing partner since it would get a lot harder to stay on your routine if you are relying on another person rather than just yourself.
Can't say the tandem helps any more for losing weight than riding a single bike.

But it has helped me kick start Gina back into riding shape at times. Meaning there have been times she has been off the bike for a few weeks or so then returning to her single bike she has struggled to keep up with the boys. So I put her on the tandem during the week and we ride. It's like my leg speed gets her moving again. She has to since the pedals are connected. It's like a kick start to get her legs whipping in motion again. Then she returns to her normal self.

As far as losing weight? Only when we ride it a lot. As far as me being the captain (front rider), it is a good workout when we climb hills. I don't think it helps me lose weight but I sure do think it helps me get stronger as I am the stronger climber and it is a good workout helping a slower climber up the hill. Don't get me wrong, she is working her butt off up the hill too or I would feel it and complain. SO yes, we both work hard going up a hill, no slackers! :D

One thing for sure though, riding the tandem is fun!

You can see here we are doing pretty good keeping up with some strong riders.

Video 1:30 in, On the return section of our ride, final 10 miles of our 40 mile ride, we are averaging 21 MPH.

Lots of fun!

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To be honest, I've never ride a tandem bike. And to be super honest, I haven't seen a tandem bike over here in years! We don't have a big supply of sport items here, so for sure a tandem bike must be something you will have to order, because is not like you'll go to a sport store and will find one. Not very sure it will help you get rid off some weight, but based on the fact there will be two people riding it, I would consider it easier, so I don't think you will be exercising more, but on the contrary, having a second one is more like a help.
Using tandem bike could require you to exert more effort on pedalling because you have to pedal for the both of you. If the case is you're the only one who is pedalling and the person you're with is not pedalling, then it could help you lose some weight because you're exerting effort. That may cause you to sweat more than normal. But if both of you are doing pedals, then it may or may not be that helpful thing to do to lose weight compared to when you're the only one pedalling. If you want to lose weight while using a tandem bike, I'll suggest that you assign a specific length of time that you will be the one to pedal and after that, both of you will pedal next. On that way, you could lose weight and have some bonding moment ride with your chosen partner.