Taste Test: 3 year old GU

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    The subject of "expired" GU has been discussed in this NG previously, so I thought I'd share a
    recent experience.

    I couldn't find my usual water belt last weekend, so I grabbed an old belt that I hadn't worn in 3
    years (bad buckle). I was surprised to find a GU packet in the pocket left over from some past run -
    - a "tri-berry" flavor, one of my favorites. I stuffed a couple of extra Carbooms into the pocket
    and took off for a long run. I carried the old GU as a spare.

    About 12 miles into my run I pulled the GU from my belt and slugged it down without thinking. It
    never occurred to me that this GU was at least 3 years old until it hit my tongue. Tri-berry GU is
    one of my favorites because it tastes like a jelly doughnut. What did the 3 year old Tri-berry Gu
    taste like? Well, - - like a 3 year old jelly doughnut.

    Actually, it wasn't all that bad. Most of the flavor had disappeared, and is was more bland and
    tasteless than anything else. It did have a slight "dusty" aftertaste, but no other ill effects. It
    still gave me the energy boost I needed when I hit the hills a mile or so later.

    Others have noted that GU has an expiration date. My experience suggests that this has more to do
    with loss of flavor than any health risk. YMMV.

    Robert Walter, CA

  2. Robert, right now there is a bacteria eating you from the inside out.