Taupo race : somebody wants to carry the blood donation colors ?

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    Oct 9, 2011
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    Hi everybody,

    We are a french couple. We just arrived in Auckland after a 14 months' journey from France to here. After 18.000 km we landed here and we stay a while in Auckland.

    During our journey, we promoted blood donation, as I have received blood when I was younger. As we stay a while in Auckland, we had the idea, in link with bthe blood donation bank, to ride the Taupo race with the blood donation colors.
    We just wondered if some people here would be interested in that too, so we could make a "blood team" ! Marion and I use to bike quiet slowly and we don't intend to change our habits.

    Wel, you also can see a video about our journey here :

    Hope to hear from you guys !

    Julien and Marion
    and Allez les Bleus !