TC, once again, public announces his idiocy.

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    dorsy1943 wrote:

    > Asian populations who ate traditional diets consumed lots and lots of
    > soy and grains and according to many studies are among the longest
    > lived people. However, I agree that it is most healthful to eat
    > organically grown produce and meat and wild caught fish.
    > On the other hand, I wouldn't know where to get many of these things
    > and as someone on a limited income, I could not afford even the organic
    > procuce I see in the supermarkets and health food stores. Wild caught
    > salmon is 15.95 per pound in my super market. What is the cost of a
    > pound of meat from a ranch that raises cows the old fashioned way? And
    > I don't have a bunch of kids to feed.
    > Besides this I wonder how organic is organic food. I understand that
    > sprays from non organic farms contaminate about 15 per cent of the
    > crops on an organic farm. And fish is only as wholesome as the water
    > it is swimming in, so even if you catch it yourself it is still
    > susceptible to its environment.
    > You are perfectly right and everyone wants to eat as you suggest, but
    > those of us living in city or suburban apartments who don't fish or
    > hunt are stuck with what is in the supermarket.

    Asians NEVER ate "lots and lots" of soy.


    TC, once again, public announces his idiocy.
    "Traditional Asian soy foods such as tofu, tempeh, and miso have been a
    dietary staple in that part of the world for centuries, and they are
    increasingly found in Western diets."

    You have my condolence, TC "the idiot."