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  1. The results of the CC Breckland 50km 4-up team time trial which took place at the weekend (where the
    Unfit Family Simmons marshalled) are online in our regional newspaper.

    "API trio power to Breckland win FERGUS MUIR

    March 26, 2003 09:30

    The API team powered to a five-minute win in the CC Breckland 50-kilometre team time
    trial, beating Cambridge University CC in a repeat of last year's event.

    Both teams finished with only three riders, API losing Stuart Wright, who suffered a puncture after
    10 miles, leaving Zak Carr, Glenn Taylor and Sam Barker to complete the course, which they
    nevertheless did at an average of 28 and a half miles an hour.

    Third place went to the Wisbech Wheelers' A team of Paul Ashby, Paul Russell, Mark McInerny and Paul
    Sims, who were 25 seconds behind the Cambridge lads at half distance, but narrowed the gap to seven
    seconds at the finish.

    Eastern Region Velo/Bianchi A – effectively their road race team and riding bikes without
    specialized time trial features like tri-bars – held together well to finish fourth, 28 seconds
    behind Wisbech Wheelers.

    Conditions were almost perfect for the time of year, with bright sun and a light wind which faced
    competitors on the Stradsett to Mundford leg of the triangular Swaffham-based course.

    While it is a great strength of time trialling as a sport that people of widely differing
    capabilities can happily compete together as individuals, many clubs find it difficult to find a
    team of four riders of matching speed for a team time trial.

    The East Anglian CC did well to stay intact until the last eight miles, with Alan Stevenson and Neil
    Vaughan spending more time at the front than Paul Lynch, and Ian Simmonds instructed to make the
    most of his team-mates' shelter.

    Working well this way, the Norwich team kept a Peterborough CC team, led by former junior 25
    champion Brett Harwood, 20 seconds in arrears.

    CCB 4-Up Team Time Trial: 1 API A 1:05:43, 2 Cambridge University CC 1:10:53, 3 Wisbech Wheelers
    1:11:04, 4 ERV A 1:11:32, 5 Fenland Clarion 1:11-51, 6 API B
    1:12:24, 7 Chelmer CC 1:13:27, 8 Team Welwyn 1:13:30, 9 East Anglian CC
    1:13:17, 10 ERV C 1:18:21, 11 Peterborough CC 1:18:37, 12 Welwyn Wheelers Juniors 1:18:56."

    It was a glorious day on Sunday - the sight of brightly attired cycle teams pedalling along Norfolk
    roads was a lovely one to see. A proper road bike is indeed a thing of beauty :)

    Cheers, helen s

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