Temporary increase in blood pressure is not a problem


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Aug 31, 2014

Most people do not even know what their blood groups are.The first step in the prevention of blood pressure problems, it is becoming aware of your own blood pressure. Do not you know your blood pressure No problem. This allows you to simply measure by your

doctor or by using a sphygmomanometer. Young or old, I recommend it to everyone

Short-term - In the short term, you will not suffer from high blood pressure, is a condition that needs several years to develop. The risk of high blood pressure is mainly that you do not realize at first that it is bothering you. This is because the symptoms are not clearly visible, such as the flu or an infection.Of course you can sometimes have a higher blood pressure through a stressful period, but this is not the same as a structural increase in blood pressure.

Your body can increase your blood pressure and reduce themselves when needed. Do you suffer from stress or undergo a strenuous task, then temporarily increases blood pressure.

The heart pumps harder to circulate the blood faster this is not the problem.
"Temporary increase in blood pressure is not a problem" -

For example, when you have a stressful week behind, which will often result in higher blood pressure. But when you are calm again to do on the weekend, your blood pressure will begin to adjust to normal levels quickly.