Teny Rim wheels - UK stockists?

Hi mate. I look them as well. And I find them in Ebay.
You can check yourself. ;)
Hi, I'm from Brazil and found this thread on internet. I happens that I have this wheel with this freaking noise. I had another one from the chinese and noise is there again. Its a very bad quality wheel ans the rim cracks. Its beautiful but saddly don't worth the money. [ATTACHMENT=480]image.jpg (263k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT]
hi ,
i just started a new thread on this creaking rim issue, that might save you some time and $$ .
I have found a UK stockist on ebay. Ordered 2 pairs of him, one Black, 1 White got them within 2 days. On ebay search for 26 mountain bike mag wheel. Went for a 10 mile ride on them to test them, they feel great, don't actually feel heavier than my normal alloy rims, jumped of a few pavements done some wheelies, all seems well. When the weather clears up, I will take some pictures, my 21 speed Halfords bikes are not quite as nice as the one above, but the wheels do make them look likle their worth a lot more, the White wheels especially turned a few heads.
Hi there I'm new around here! Just wanted to get some advice.... My issue is I have a set of these teny mags on my Carreras subway and I have a broken rear axle, but that's not the issue! I been searching high and low for a replacement but can't find anywhere on the net. Does anyone know if there is a stockist I could order from? Or is it just a particular size I need? Any advice welcome, thanks!