Teny Rims and the scary creaking noise solution.

mr totolica

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Sep 19, 2013
hey guys,
For those of you cyclists wondering what to do to solve the creaking noise in their teny rims, I solved my issue. maybe this will work for you guys as well.
For starters, I am really satisfied with the looks and feel of these wheels, despite a few posts discouraging fellow cyclists to get them because of the creaking noise they make after a while.
Just like the next person, I also started getting this noise in my back wheel. I also had the bearings replaced with no difference. Looking back I realized that my wheel started to make these noises after I washed them (vigorously soap water and degreaser) following a day out in the mud and dust, and drying off and a few days later. Bummed out, I had the wheel off, and starting to look at my old original set, and just by messing around with it that's when I pushed down with my weight on the wheel (off the bike and tire still on) and CREAK! . The creaking noise was not coming from the bearings, or hub after all, but from the little gaps at the end of the spokes. I then realized the although stronger than plastic , aluminum is also to some point flexible. And just like the aluminium doors and windows around my house it will creak. So my solution was to put the wheel back on spray WD40 on the gaps, (don't be shy and soak it!) spin it, wipe it and top it off with a lithium grease. And of course, wipe it down again. My wheels are so quiet now, that now that the chain is all I hear. Relief! I hope you guys can share the relief as well.
Happy cycling!
Mr Totolica
hi, you need to spray wd 40 first in the gaps, don't be shy spay it good. it won't hurt anything. wipe the wheel down and spin the wheel on the bike a few times to get the wd40 to penetrate, then top it off with a white lithium grease spray and wipe it again. since i've done this, i've had no more noise. just the chain and pedals now. cost: USD10,-
good luck.