Terry McAuliffe Speaks

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    "George Bush should be judged on his record of failure:
    He sent our troops into war ill-equipped and without a
    plan, lost 2.2 million jobs, left 43 million Americans
    without health insurance and turned a record surplus into
    a record deficit."

    Terry McAuliffe, Chairman of the Democratic National

    Good for him! I love Terry McAuliffe, he's a good man. He
    tells the truth.

    The TRUTH!

    The truth, that's something that drives Republicans up the
    wall into a frenzy of blind madness. I love it! Anything
    that angers the Repugs is a good thing, it is good for
    America, good for the world, good for the entire universe.
    By all means drive them mad, the madder the better.

    Abel Malcolm

    Send Bush to Iraq - Bring our troops home


    Educate yourself & go to these links:

    http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article6164.htm &
    www.moveon.org & www.salon.com & www.buzzflash.com &
    www.democracynow.org & www.democrats.org & www.bushwatch.com
    & www.americanprogress.org