Testing! One, two...six!


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May 15, 2005
Congrats everyone, President Obama has my full support now. I hope the majority were right and he’s ready?


Didn’t take 6 months, maybe 6 hours? Putin, (Medvedev who?) is going to push hard. IMO, he’s a tactical genius with no scruple. Nice timing on the announcement.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it would have been a warning shot fired over whomever won last night, but I think the timing may have been delayed so as not to give McCain a boost on the “National Defense” issue where he held an edge on Obama. Afterall, US "European missle defense" plans are not exactly "new?" (Is this what Biden knew and was refering too? he was being briefed I'm sure as was Obama and McCain?) I would think, Russia prefered an Obama presidency over a McCain one at a much higher majority than did America? (As does the rest of the world and I’ll admit much of it for good reason after the last 8 years.)

Bush is "Lame," it's Obama's problem/opportunity now. (Rant all you care to on "That's how we got here, Bush did it!" Granted, no defense to that argument but maybe we could look ahead for a while and think about how we go forward? "Change," remember?)

Who “blinks” first?

IMO The danger will be if the US Congress markedly cut defense spending and increases social programs in commensurate fashion. Russia could be able to do, or just "threaten to do," to us (and the West) what we did to them in the 80s under Reagan. With our economic problems they can, using their “petro-rubles,” spend us into oblivion either now, or when the next “hawk” regime comes into a majority in Congress, the White House or a European Parliament (and we try and play "catch-up"). Oil prices may be down now, but that won’t last as a Western recovery takes place.

I hope "The West" doesn’t get too far behind on defense initiatives, we don’t lose our "influence" in The Middle Eastern oil/natural gas fields and with our opportunities to expand NATO. We may have a hard time aligning Europe after we crashed their economy and Russia could, in the future, negotiate with the “promise” of cheap oil and natural gas? (Or the threat of cutting supplies, America lost much European alliance over the “oil embargo” in the 70s afterall)

Gonna be interesting times, interesting times of "Change!"

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