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Jul 5, 2007
Hi all, I'm coming to Texas this spring (mar-apr? apr-may? may-jun? to be defined) to do 2 months of work in the facilities of my company.

In Freeport, on the caribbean sea... close to Lake Jackson...

So, I would like to look for some people to train with... anybody there? :) Or also a team site would be ok, then I contact them by myself.

Moreover I would like to do some race in the weekends like I do in Italy: I've got a UCI international card for masters, medical insurance with Zurich...should be OK!

Is there a calendar somewhere? I searched usacycling but I was not able to find any :-/
Dow or Oil & Gas?

You might put up a post on the forums here: http://www.txbra.org/home/

If you've never been...Tejas is huge. Driving from point to point is measured in hours, not miles. There is an events calendar at the above link, but local riders will be the last word on what is going on.

UASC texas events search returned this: http://www.usacycling.org/events/?state=TX

They calendar year for racing is just now being set so check back for updates in February and March.
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Dow :)

Eh in fact it's a bit different from here, usually in Italy I've got to do <1h of car to go racing, not more... but no problem, it will be funny anyway to race on-the-other-side-of-the-sea

Thanks for the advice!
The Dow plant is larger than Italy!

Enjoy training and racing here and watch out for the crazy Texas drivers...the WILL remind you of home! (where they drive on the sidewalks in Rome!)
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Come on over to Austin on the weekends and you can ride with us. We are about 3 hours from Lake Jackson but we might hit some races in that area. The Texas season starts early and runs heavy thru the spring. You'll be 3 to 4 hours from Austin, San Antonio & Dallas. Plenty of races in Houston also. Good luck.
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