Thai Style Coconut Pork

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    Thai Style Coconut Pork

    Just made this up for supper and it proved popular, so I thought I'd share
    All ingredients are approximate, tasting the juice after 10 minutes
    of cooking is the best way to judge and adjust to taste. Sorry for the
    imprecision! Comments from wife: Maybe add another chilli and a little salt.

    3 lb Lean pork shoulder
    2 Lemongrass stalks
    1 large tin Coconut milk
    1 sachet Pressed coconut, (about 1 egg cup's worth)
    1 Ordinary red chilli
    1/4 lb White button mushrooms
    Ginger root - golf ball sized lump
    2 Red peppers
    Fresh coriander, bunch (chopped, about 1/3 cup)
    Juice of 3 limes

    Dice and fry the pork, browning slightly. Drain off the liquid at
    intervals and discard. Slice the chilli (finely), red pepper and ginger
    (coarsely). Cut the lemongrass into 1 inch lengths. Halve the mushrooms.
    Chop the coriander. Fry in a little very hot oil for 1-2 minutes,
    separately: chilli, mushrooms, red pepper, ginger and lemongrass. Put to
    one side, keep chilli separate so you can add to taste. Add coconut milk
    and pressed coconut to pork, along with all other ingredients, except:
    reserve half lime juice and half the chilli for later. Bring to boil and
    simmer for 20-30 minutes. After 10 minutes, taste the liquid and add more
    chilli and/or lime juice until the taste is neither sweet nor sour and is
    not dominated by any single ingredient. Serve with rice. Good to freeze.

    Yield: 6 generous servings

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