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Oct 4, 2010
[COLOR= #0000ff][SIZE= 12px]Hey, Y'all![/COLOR][/SIZE]

[COLOR= #0000ff][SIZE= 12px]Last week I did my first 30-mile ride, and asked for suggestions on what to do next and how to improve. As per usual from this friendly group, I got lots of advice, and took most of it, lol. [/COLOR][/SIZE]

[COLOR= #0000ff][SIZE= 12px]One of the things that may have helped me the most was to drink something with electrolytes, since all we had been chugging was water. Plain Gatorade had given my the runs before, but somebody suggested diluting it half-and-half with water, so I did. Somebody else suggested freezing the water bottle half full the night before, so the fluids stay cold; did that, too. And somebody else offered that the granola bars and nuts we were eating probably weren't the best choice for a longer ride, so I took somebody else's suggestion and brought peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and bananas for lunch. (Just a little smear of peanut butter, some sugar-free strawberry jam, and a 100-calorie whole wheat sandwich round). [/COLOR][/SIZE]

[COLOR= #0000ff][SIZE= 12px]I don't know which or all of them worked, but today I increased my distance from 30 miles to 37.5! I was thinking about going ahead and shooting for 40, but the wind had come up and it was getting really difficult, which makes the arthritis in my knees flare, so I stopped at that point. My sit bones thanked me for that, lol. But the thing is, I wasn't just shattered and dying at the end of the ride, like I have been on rides over 20 miles before, so it all obviously helped a lot.[/COLOR][/SIZE]

[COLOR= #0000ff][SIZE= 12px]Considering that this is the first decent ride on my new bike, I'm super pleased that I could go so much farther! The only thing that ever hurt until the very end were my sit bones, after 15 miles or so, so I'm still looking for a saddle that I won't be able to tell is there during a long ride. But with the credit-card tour coming up in 3 weeks, I"m excited to have reached 38 miles, which is the distance of one of the days on the tour. Of course, the problem is I will also need to be able to do it again the next day, and the next, and the next.... My sit bones are quaking at the thought, lol.[/COLOR][/SIZE]

[COLOR= #0000ff][SIZE= 12px]Anyway, THANKS for the advice! I really appreciate all your help. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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Excellent! You''re gettin' into some serious mileage now. Keep up the good work!
Great news Sierra. I'm very excited for you! I suppose that Mr. Slim is gonna have to do some real exercising riding with you from now on.
I used to ride my bike forty miles through ten feet of snow to school every day, and it was up hill both

You can do better than this, ****, just two more and you would have a forty under your belt! You
wussed out at 38, what a let down! You should not even be allowed to own a bike! You are a disgrace
to all that ride! You are using air a real cyclist needs!

Way to go girl, proud of you. Keep going. You might try one of the seat covers,
you could carry it and put it on just to change things a bit.
[COLOR= #0000ff][SIZE= 12px]Hey, Guys![/COLOR][/SIZE]

[COLOR= #0000ff][SIZE= 12px]Thanks for all the atta-girls. I'll take all I can get, lol. [/COLOR][/SIZE]

[COLOR= #0000ff][SIZE= 12px]KD, it's funny that you said Mr. Slim is "gonna have to do some real exercising, ride with me from now on." He would be SO smugly indignant, lol. But the truth is, on both my 30 and 38-mile rides, HE was the one who started asking if I weren't tired yet, trying to get me to say I was so we could quit and he wouldn't have to admit that HE was tired. I didn't call him on it, but I had this little inner glee, knowing I was at least keeping up with him, if not surpassing him. He can still go faster than I can, for short distances anyway, but I'm definitely catching up to him on distance. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/wink.gif[/COLOR][/SIZE]

[COLOR= #0000ff][SIZE= 12px]Crocosis, it DOES feel really rewarding! I haven't had a feeling of accomplishment like that in a long time, and it feels good! But now, lol, I have to start shooting for FIFTY. That number's almost like an OMG for me. But I'll get there, eventually. Even if the steps up are just a couple miles a week.[/COLOR][/SIZE]

[COLOR= #0000ff][SIZE= 12px]It's funny, Brad, that you teased me about wussing out before 40. I wanted to get there SO bad, and it killed me to stop just a couple miles short. But I also wanted to be able to help my daughter move to her new apartment this weekend, and I'd wiped out my knees, I woulda been no help at all. At least that's the excuse I'm using LOL. I love your little chain-yanking comments. You crack me UP!! /img/vbsmilies/smilies/biggrin.gif[/COLOR][/SIZE]

[COLOR= #0000ff][SIZE= 12px]Thanks again, y'all. Now to set my sights on 50!!! Wish me -- and my sit bones -- luck. [/COLOR][/SIZE]
I've been absent from the forums mainly because I've just been running and running and running. Biking a little here and there too ;)

Congrats, Slim - that's quite the accomplishment. The other IG's I'm training with have moved me into doing the brick with them on Sundays, which is the 17.5 mile bike course immediately followed by the 5k run. I've only done it once - it was my third turn on the IG course and I shaved 34 minutes off my time (My first run was untimed, the second was 2:40:xx and the third was 2:06:xx). My sister is also having some trouble with her road bike so I am surrendering possession of her hybrid just in case she doesn't get another road bike asap...

... but I am proud to announce that I picked up a used Specialized TriCross Comp Double. It's so much lighter than the hybrid I could just SCREAM. I cant wait to ride it - the clipless pedals that were on it when I bought it are not compatible with the cleats on my shoes so it's off to the LBS tomorrow morning for the correct pedals (a set with clips on side and that is flat on the other just in case I don't feel like riding in my cleats) and a practice ride (probably just 10 miles since I have the 17.5 miler Sunday again) to help get used to the gearing.

I'm looking forward to a 25/30 miler soon....
Way to go Sierra! That was some great advice you were given about taking some Gatorade and a PB&J with you. I did a 31 miler last weekend and stupidly only took one bottle of plain water and a banana with me. And even more stupidly, all I had for breakfast that morning was a yogurt! So needless to say, by the time I got to the 25 mile point I started conking. So I will definitely be taking me a sammich on my next ride! Keep up the good work and enjoy your rides!
Awesome job!!! So good to hear someone taking that ride and going for it! Love to hear it!!!
I know this is a bit old, but I wanted to say first of all, congrats. And secondly, wanted to let you know you that you give as much inspiration to ride as you are getting.