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  1. Did you know, that most suicides occur on or around holidays.

    Since its going to be a holiday this Thursday, How many people plan to
    commit suicide on Thanksgiving? How will you do it? Will you eat too
    much and explode?

    Yep, I can see it now. Suicidal person sits down at table with
    family, and grabs a knife and fork. Then sets a handgun on the table
    next to him or her, and starts eating and eating and eating. During
    the meal he keeps slashing his wrists with the butter knife, jabbing
    himself in the chest with his fork, and fiddling with the gun. If the
    food dont kill him, there's always the gun. (butter knives and forks
    dont work too well).

    This sounds like some real entertainment for the rest of the family.

    Come to think of it. I hope someone sits at my table and tries that.
    I'll probably smack them in the head. Just in case the food dont work
    and the gun dont fire, I'll just beat the fu*k out of them...

    I'm always happy to assist those in need !!!!!

    Since it's Thanksgiving, they damn well better be thankful after I
    beat them too !!!!