That didn't hurt ! where did that tree come from ?


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Mar 30, 2007
I been in a bad mood this week and needed to get out and hit the trails. The trails really need some snow to get a new packed layer. It's always a little tougher with the deep grooved ice and the land mine slush holes. Even though it beat me around for several hours it sure put me in a better mood. I didn't take my regular glasses with me (dumb) so when it got to dark and I needed my lights I put my cycling perscription sunglasses on top of my helmet. So without any glasses I decided to take a single track trail as a short cut to get home. But I ran into a bunch of low branches that must have knocked my glasses off. I'll go scout that trail out tomorrow, just hoping no hikers get there before me and finds them. At least I'm in a better mood, needed that therapy session.