That feeling you get after a good session..


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Apr 25, 2002
Well, I just got back from 3 hrs of riding this morning, and I can not get over how good I feel. I am a beginner to cycling, and today was the furthest I have ever gone (60Km) - i know it was slow and all that, but it is the best I have done yet, I felt great the whole way, I can't explain it, but I am sure you all know what I mean. I got home, and felt like I could go back out and do it all again, hills and all! I think its rides like this that will give me the motivation to train harder in the coming weeks, I have just gotten over the fist 8 weeks of inital training, and it was hard, I had no fitness and everything took ages and hurt, but today, I feel like I made it to the next level, I feel fantastic and enjoyed it so much, I love that rush when you are going way to fast down a nice long hill!!!<br /><br />ness ;D ;D
hehe ready to tackle a sub 3hr 100k with me then ? ;)<br /><br />bit of a bummer it started raining before our ride yesterday, thats twice in one week i've gone out to do a long ride and its rained &gt;:(<br /><br />and this is of course in drought stricken sydney ::)
Well done, ness! Youv'e now reached that stage where you have overcome the "fear of ability factor", and it just becomes better and better from now on. Soak it in while those endorphines are in your blood!