That new bike feeling hits me Strong (ly) !!


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Nov 1, 2004
My new bike frame arrived by Fedex yesterday, direct from Bozeman, Montana.

Once again Carl Strong and his team hit the ball out of the park. Clear out of the park.

To be clear, I could be described as a “Strong junkie”, this bike is my 4th from the Wizard of Bozeman.

I guess if I have bought 4 bikes from the same builder it says one of two things:

I lack imagination, or
The man builds an amazing bike.

I tend to sway toward #2 as being the reason. The first bike Carl ever built for me was - instantly - RIGHT. I knew the minute I turned the pedals. My view is that when I have fond someone who knows my likes and dis-likes; nails my fit and turns out a product I like, I am quite happy to go back to the same well.

On top of it Carl and Loretta are just a pleasure to deal with.

I ran into a bit of a time jam with this one as regards delivery but Loretta just quite calmly seems to be able to command the earth to stop turning while she resolves the issue, and she did.

Tremendous thanks to the whole Strong Frames team; especially to Carl and Loretta.

A steel frame, the custom blend, with Nivachrome steel fork. We discussed this point and I was simply not too thrilled with the idea of a carbon fork being packed in an S&S case. Besides, I’m a pretty traditional sort of fellow and just was happier with the idea of a steel fork. So Carl built me a steel fork.

The bike has a chain hanger, pump peg, rear rack mount points and fender eyelets both front and back.

As pictured the bike has tubular 25’s on it and a 28 will probably fit though I can’t see using them. Certainly I can fit a fender with the 25’s though I would probably have to split it for the front.

Everything on my wish list is here, everything. And if it rides half as well as any of the other Strong bikes I have then it will be a flat out winner and leave me with a big smile on my face.

The first “event” this bike is scheduled for is the Gran Fondo Moab on May 1, so if you are there, and you see the bike - say hi to the fat kid on the nice bike.

NItto seat post
VO stem
Nitto Noodle bars
VO bottle cages
Brooks Swift saddle and Brooks tape
Record compact square taper crank
Chorus Front and Rear Derailleurs
Wipperman chain
Record 10 Speed shifters
American Classic 11-23 cassette
the wheels are Mavic GL330 rims laced to Dura Ace hubs - 32, 3 cross front and back with Wheelsmith double butted spokes
Schwalbe Stelvo tubulars







Now to put lots of miles on it.

Thanks to everyone at Team Strong.


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Aug 12, 2001
Nice bike mate, very old school it looks fantastic :)