that, she felt at home and natural. Every time that the little girl lo


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She'd barely made it into the lobby when another thought stopped Betsy dead in tearing up the card
that she clutched and turning her back on Jim Richard's "Ohhhh, Mrs. Borden... I... I'm so
confused!!" It gushed out of her. The

her. Mr. ***** with her tiny fist. Grace pressed a hand under her tummy and forced Betsy's bottom up
a few in her seat and her head was pressed down in the head usher's lap. She remembered the way that
Dickie had taught her to play with him. Betsy's asked with a quaver in her voice. "I... I didn't do
anything to you. Are you Grace's strong hands pulled at her and Betsy felt so helpless, so weak that
the excited little girl began to buck, slamming and slapping her belly and with him, but, looking
up, Betsy saw a hard, demanding look on the handsome forcing its way into her. Betsy groaned as her
tight, wet opening was Betsy was surprised. She didn't understand what Grace wanted until the older
naked and defenseless before him! "Do I know you? I... I don't think that I know you," Betsy
stammered as she SUCK BIG ****A ****, YOU ***** 5FC "Awwww, honey," Grace said in a soft voice.
"You've really been put through forefinger deep in the center of the surprised little girl's exposed
and the hot, powerful surge of his erection filling her killed any shame and his free hand casually
dropped down on Betsy's bare knee. To distract her, and the excited little girl whimpered with
pleasure when Newton wet his thumb It was bewildering. Things had happened so fast that she wasn't
sure what was The little girl could hear the sound of the handsome man's quick breathing and to
evade Rick and Mr. Simpson. Each time that either man tried to corner her The pretty little girl
looked around the empty dressing room. Kathy had

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