The 2002 Tour Down Under



well Sbs is showing highlights of the tdu starting tomorow in queensland anyway on World Sports.

Admin: what happen to the pictures of the mens even from the race you when to?.
FYI the results of tonights stage are;

1 - Robbie McEwen
2 - Corey Sweet
3 - Jans Koerts
4 - Max Van Heeswijk

re; the photos

I'll post the m in the other thread in a few mins, they didnt turn out to good :-[
Wow, McEwen again! Superb start for him and the Lotto-Adecco team this season. Wonder if he can beat the top-sprinters when the "real racing" starts in a couple of months?
Remember he did win in Paris a couple of years ago ;D he'll do ok i'm sure
There's just not enough cycling on TV. Channel 7? Channel 10 are screening a highlights package for TDU shortly but there was nothing better than SBS coverage last year and the year before.

If 80000 people can show up at night to watch then cycling must be alive and well in Australia. I also understand that big crowds between 20000 and 40000 watched various stages.

Maybe the promoters of TDU who have done a great job could have a re-think on the television side of things.
Mind you there was only 30,000 at the cricket and we had to put up with 8 hours of that **** :mad:
thoughtforfood said:
Just thought this was an interesting thread.
Yeah. I'm tipping Mick Rogers to win the GC. McEwen should take out the final stage though, I reckon.

Obviously I need to get my tips in before Grates gets here.

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