The best cycling tips in the world...ever!


Aug 11, 2001
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So then, I'll start:

Hydration Tip: Prepare your drinks for the race the night before and refrigerate them overnight. Your body absorbs cold liquid faster.
Change your grip position on the handlebars regularly during a long ride. This will help ease the pressure and stimulate blood circulation to your hands.
Hydration Tip: Prepare your drinks for the race the night before and refrigerate them overnight. Your body absorbs cold liquid faster.

Try to keep your drinks at body temperature (37c). It takes a lot of energy out of your body to heat it up or cool it down if it's not around that level. Use the enerygy to push the pedals a bit harder instead. _;D
Pick out the better riders in a race. Shadow them for as long as you can. Watch what they do and put it into practice. :D
Always wear a T-shirt under your cycling jersey. This will provide some protection to shoulders etc. in the case of a fall. Also helps absorb sweat which will feel better than a soaked jersey. :eek:
Sleep with your feet up the air, supported by a couple of pillows, it will help your legs recover faster.

Note: This is true, Frank Vandenbroucke have an special made bed that keeps his feets/legs up the air. Try it, especially during stage races!

P.S. I don't want to spam or anything but there's a page on my website on this subject. Just click on [survival kit] in the menu. Some funny tips there...
When on a long slow climb ...... never! ...... never look up! ;)
Stretch your muscles as part of your cool down after each ride.
Drink plenty of water during the last two or three days leading up to your next race. This will ensure that you start the race properly hydrated.
Take some dry clothes for after the race.
Driving home in wet lycra isn't fun!!
becoz your body runs at around 27oC it is actually bad for you to drink cold water becoz it takes energy to warm the water to body temp for use.

that's what I heard anyway

powerbars are good too. Ride for 1-1/2 hour to get blood going then eat half PB then ride and eat and so on.

mmm vanilla crisp

any one know a good position when riding into the wind now that winter is upon us in south africa the wind will be a big problem any ideas other than the obvious make your surface area smaller. and another question when replacing your cleats is it vital that you line them up like your old ones were cos i tried but ever since i replaced mine i have struggled with illitibial band problems. :-/
Teach yourself the art of spinning your gears rather than grinding (pushing) them. Spinning helps you save energy.
In Cat 3/4/5 crit races, if you are not in the front "group" for the sprint, chances are you will not place in the race. Even if you are super stong and have a blistering sprint, sprinting from 20 riders behind requires you dodge a lot of traffic caused by newer riders who don't have the power to really contet the sprint.

If you plan to hang on for the leadout, make sure you are up front.