The Best Helmet I have ever had.



Well before i had 40 dollar helmets and they looked ok but what i found was going down hills it became a parachute and to stop this it has to be tight and this choked.

I now have the Met Stradavarious and it was not cheap $230 but it does no choke it fits great and it does not turn into a parachute going down hills. Also the ventalation is superb.

+ with me new haircut (or lack of much hair :)   ) its even beter. Also it looks way cool too and that makes me go faster lol :)

And no i do not work for met.

Agree about it being the best I've had. I bought one last November, and at the time thought it a lot to pay compared with cheaper brands without the in-mold casing. But then in Fbruary this year I got rear-ended as I cycled along a country road. BIke and helmet were total write-offs, and along with a few torn ligaments and road-rash I got a bad dose of concussion. Am only now getting out on the bike again. But the Met helmet definitely saved my life - not only because the molding held the (smashed) polystyrene inner in place, so keeping its integrity. But also because it fitted me so well, that in spite of my smashing the car's windscreen with the back of my head before I flew over the car, my helmet stayed on in time for same head to hit the road!

Needless to say, I've replaced it with another Strad.
I'm gonna buy a Strad next week...
..but today I saw some Gerolsteiner guys (Haselbacher I think) wear the V Element (Met), which is meant as a mtb helmet. It looks good, it seems even more ventilated than the Strad.
Does anyone have any road experience with that model?
hmm... yes, it was Haselbacher... :(


and it seems the helmet did his job :D

(original news:
i've got a MET ippo griffo which is one down the range from the strad, it was about $70 cheaper and its almost the same

i have to say its the best helmet i've had by far
That's the key: having a good fit. Giro, Mett, or any of the other better quality brands (with molded outer shells) can only do their job if they stay properly in place when you come off....
A few novice questions... (I'm after a good helmet at the moment, but I'm not having much luck!)

What's the deal with helmets like the Pneumo which aren't approved for general use in Australia, and are considered "racing use only"?

Are Australian standards stricter than those in other countries, or does it just cost more to submit that model for approval than the profit they'd make from a population our size?

Are those policemen-on-bikes I see around occasionally going to pull you over and give you a ticket/fine if you're caught wearing one? (Seriously. Well, kind of. At least there's no recreational bicycling license to lose points off... is there? :D)
I have a rly crappy looking helmet at the moment but i cant afford a better one, once i leave school i shud b able 2 get a new 1. also dus anyone in the uk know n e thing about the ctc tryin to do summit so you dont have 2 wear a helmet cus i think its a loda rubbish as one on the guys i was with yesterday hit his head so hard he cracked his helmet, which makes you think what would happen if he wernt wearin it
Trek Superfly. The best because of the name itself. I feel like the ultimate player when I wear it. Mink jacket and all.
The most comfortable and best lQQking helmet is the one I still wear. Sure it is my fourth one like it (warrenty was if you crashed and sent it in, they would replace it). I have an older Specialized Sub 6 helmet in purple. That colour matches my bike.

Use to ride & race in BC, where the mountians match those of the Alps. It is a light weight and cool helmet. Too bad that they do not make them any more......

I swear by the Bell Evo Pro - a few years old now but its predecessor saved me big time in a high sped crash with a car

Our team got MET 5th Elements this year and I can honestly say it IS the best helemet I've ever used (had a MET Annaxagorra before).

The cool bit is our V Elemenets are the same colour as the Gerolsteiner guys so you can guess what we said 'Gerolstainer ride the same helmets as us'. He he he.
I like bell helmets. they fit me well. maybe my head is more oblong, but some helmets (giro, specialized) seem too the sides don't touch when the front and back do. I'm now wearing a bell ghisallo and its wonderful.
I've recently invested in a Limar 105. Use it for XC. Inmolding, very clean lines, nice chin strap pad, excellent ventilation. Very nice Italian helmet. Does not look like I have half a motorcycle helmet on. (I have a small head).
Not cheap at aroung A$200, but best part is, if you crash within two years of purchase, Limar will replace it! Sold me.
Originally posted by Duckwah
i've got a MET ippo griffo which is one down the range from the strad, it was about $70 cheaper and its almost the same

i have to say its the best helmet i've had by far
I bought one of those a couple of weeks ago. Very happy so far.

It felt the same as the Strad to me, looked somewhat less bizarre (Can anyone explain how a helmet on its own looks dumb, cycling sunnies on their own look dumb, but both of them together look totally cool? Or is it just that I can't see properly when I've got the dark lenses in? :p), and as you said, it was about $70 cheaper.

I liked one of the Limars better, but I didn't find it as comfy after wearing it for a while.
I'm in competition racing and I have a MET Sfero... THE MOST CRAPPIEST HELMET in looks but it does what it's supposed to do.