The Best Place To Put Lights


May 11, 2014
For both day and night riding, where is the best, most visible and most illuminating positions to put forward and tail lighting on a bike?
I've always been a fan of the LED strips that attach to the wheel frame. The cheaper versions tend to break or even get caught in the wheels while riding, but the best options are 100% safe and effective for letting people see you during the day and night without a problem. Then you have the traditional options that attach to the back of the seat or elsewhere. Whatever your preference happens to be will work.
I don't know where they buy it but there are some bikers here who has (presumably) led lights on their back. It is like a backpack but instead of the bag, a cord of lights adorn the back. On the road at night, the lights, numbering more than 10 led lights, are so attractive that I don't think you will miss it. That means it is safe for that biker and those led lights he was wearing has served its purpose. When I inquired with my colleagues who are bikers, they don't have the slightest idea and they surmise that it may have been custom made.
The places I attach my lights to are the handlebars and the post just below the saddle. I have also got two red reflectors in the peddles. I have thought of other places I could put the lights but have never really expanded on it. I have thought of putting the lights on the front forks but have not had a go at it as of yet.
I put them below the saddle. I think they are more noticeable if placed there. Sometimes I overdo it thinking about safety always. Aside from wearing light clothing I also put some strips on my shoes
doctorold said:
Check these out. Pretty good IMO.
Those are sleek looking lights for sure. I'm hopeing they have daytime capabilities as well. I remember when cars started having daytime running lights and they seemed a bit odd. But for my piece of mind I think it would help.

I got flash lights attached to the spokes of my wheels. Two on the front wheel, and two on the back. And yes, I am aware, that I look like a Christmas tree, but at least I am relatively safe at night when I'm returning home from work. Here where I live, the traffic is pure chaos. You don't just have to contend with motorists who never use their indicator lights and only barely pay attention to traffic lights, no, you also have to watch out for wandering life stock, bricks and other building materials that could fall off trucks, dis-coordinated people and much more. So, my flashlights bring me at least a little bit to their attention.