The Big changrover - verrrrry traumatic!!!!!


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Oct 24, 2001
Hi Guys

I think my hair are even now more grey than It ever was. After my disatrous NECSA race two weeks ago where we had to ride back to the start in the sweep when my Campy rear derr bent and broke everything I decided to change to Shimano. After scrounging around for money I went for a Tiagra groupset (STi, and triple front and rear) I also splashed and got a flight deck (important on a Tandem where you cannot see the the rear cassette) and had the front wheel built on the Mount Tandem hub. Went for the SAMCOR race last week and about thirty clics into the race every spoke on the new front wheel was loose. That was after we had some problems with the brakes as well as the shifting. I then encounterd major problems with the front derr and my Tandem mentor MArtin TAylor sorted everything out for me. We went for a ride this afternoon and what a pleasure. Still a bit nervy though because we are tackling the ARGUS with a untested setup. Will do a 70 clic ride tomorrow.

Keep those wheels spinning!!!

Big H .... now Shimano equipped!!!!!!
Maybe it was just the (new I presume) cables stretching?

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