The Cormorant



Anyone in South Africa doing the Cormorant next month? I missed it last year (flu) when it poured with rain. I've recced the course, doesn't look like something to under estimate?! I reckon there's a 400m climb over about 8-10km on Hekpoort. :eek: And that's about halfway! Any advice from anyone who's done it?
I'm contemplating doing it, followed by the Germiston Century the next day! I believe its quite a toughie?
I have done the Cormorant twice before. Not planning in doing it this year. The first half of the race is very fast and nomally you out perform yourselve on the first half. I would suggest that you don't overdo it on the first half because Hekpoort, not so sure how long it is, but it is a very seep climb from bottom to top. And there is another climb shortly after Hekpoort and the last few kilometers to the finish line is like a rollercoaster ride. My advice, take it easy in the beginning so that you can finish strong for the end.
Hendrik, welcome to the board!
Do you think it's a good preperation ride for the Argus, seeing that its so hilly?
Hey VO2, the Cormorant is about the best training ride for the Argus up here in Gauteng. The only snag is it's on the day before the Germiston Century as you stated.

So if you plan to do well in the GC (since it does count for seeding and the Cormorant doesn't), don't overexert yourself on the Saturday. I rate the climb up Hekpoort as the toughest climb in any race in Gauteng. :eek:

If you decide to do it, have a good one !!!
Thanks Big-Mig. I feel like doing the NECSA on the Saturday and the GC on the Sunday. Anyone else feel like joining this nutcase? ???
VO2. The Cormorant is on Saturday, 16 Feb.
The Germiston Century on Sunday, 17 Feb.
The NECSA on Sunday, 23 Feb.
Both the Cormorant & the NECSA go over Hekpoort? One week apart? Strange!
Wanted to do the NECSA but the Memsahib has reminded me and decreed that we have a Family Committment! :( ::) Will now do the Cormorant instead. Will you be doing the Cormorant or the NECSA?
VO2. I’ll probably be wearing a white shirt with “Mean Machine” in blue on back and front, red helmet, beard, and silver road bike, (to match the beard!) ;D. Are you wearing your “Yellow Peril” outfit? ;) I’ll look out for you. Hope the rain keeps off!
Yep, watch out for the yellow Mercatone Uno jersey and Blu/Yellow Bianchi.
Only one word: HEKPOORT! :eek:
Ou Kaapse can kiss Hekpoorts butt! I reckon it to be the steepest climb I've ever encountered. I've always reckoned myself as abit of a climber, but I was humiliated on Saturday!
so how long and what grade was that climb? did any one get off and walk it? :) :)
Yeah, Hekpoort was every bit as hard as I thought it would be! :'( I kept looking for the old Boer War fort near the top. Never even saw it! ::) Developed stomach cramps with about 20km to go! Not sure why. Just made it to the toilet at the finish! :-[ I reckon I did about 4h38. I thought maybe Saartjiesnek was not too bad, although ANY hill at the end of an event like that is bad! Passed several walking there who had been going very strong earlier.
VO2. Looked out for you but didn't see you. More starters than I expected.
Nicholas. Hekpoort hill is about 10km climbing about 400m with some very steep sections. Agree with VO2, certainly harder than Oukaapsweg. Yeah, I rode all the hills (and now I'm down to do it all again on Sunday in the NECSA!) :p
Generally pleased as it was my first event since my broken pelvis.
I'm not very happy with the way my money was spent in this race.
  • The candles that lit the way thro the tunnel is all very romantic, but dangerous! We were not warned about the sudden fall of night (I started A-group and did not remove my sun glasses before entering the tunnel)
  • Where were the marshals just after Hekpoort? I was one of numerous cyclists that missed the turn-off. Altho I'm not complaining about the extra distance, 100's of cyclists turning around on an un-marshalled and busy road is not on! I saw someone fall right infront of an oncoming minibus (the driver already irritated with having to slow down and dodge cyclists making u-turns)
  • Why such poor water points? Fine, I carry two bottles and seldom use water points along the road, but many of my fellow cyclists do. You can't run a tough 107km race in hot, humid conditions and then offer poor water points.
  • I did not enjoy the 'pedal to my medal'. Finish means finish, as in legs, body, mind, concentration etc. Imo, there should've been a water point about 100m down the road, after the timing mats.

It's not all complaints tho. Cyclelab - thanks for the roadside assistance and continous presence. Championchip - well done once again on having the results out early. ;)

Old Timer - I left straight after the race. Saw you along the road (near Pelindaba) and hooted, but not sure you heard me. Next week at NECSA: see you there, and that freakin Hekpoort climb!
VO2. No, didn't see or hear you hoot. If it was around Pelindaba then I was having a private bad time! ::) Would probably have given you the ole finger by mistake!! :-[
I was in C group. We WERE warned about taking off sunglasses for the tunnel, pulled mine down on end of nose. (Recent experience on MTB. Track took sudden turn under motorway. Pitch black! Then sudden daylight into a mudlake! ;D)
Re missing marshall at turn off to Hartebeeshoek. See a previous posting of mine. TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE! Lives can be at stake! Guy I know was so ****** off he refused his medal! Anyway hard luck VO2. ;)
Agree. Not many water points but I carry a Camelbak and don't stop.
Also didn't like the long ride back to the cars! :'( Girl who finished with me stopped her bike at a rise on the way back to the start and said "I just can't face another single freaking hill!" :p)
I have some unfinished business with HekMoord. She hasn't seen the last of me yet!