The curious incident of the dog and the bike ride


Tim Hall

I was in London Town Divine (copyright Mr. Larrington) yesterday,
driving up Parsons Greeen Lane, leafy Fulham.

This is a fairly busy road, buses, taxis, big trucks etc etc.

And a lady on a bike - some kind of modern hybrid thing, with wicker
basket on the bars. Maintaining a good pace.

And in her left hand was a dog lead. At the other end of the lead was,
natch, a dog, of the small, black, yappy variety, running like a
running thing, trying to keep up.

By now the traffic had split into two lanes, her going right, me left.
I'm _very_ aware of the dog bouncing around on the end of the lead and
keep a safe distance.

The traffic ground to a halt as I stopped next to her.I wound my
window down and asked if she really thought what she was doing was a
good idea.

"Oh no, he loves it" she said.

I gave her what was once known as an "old fashioned look".

She straddled the bike,leant down and scooped the dog up, nearly
toppling over. With the dog now in the wicker basket she set off.

Odd, really.


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