The death of Thomas Sippel-Dau

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    Just over a year ago Thomas Sippel-Dau, an ICT manager, was knocked off
    his bicycle and killed by a 4x4 vehicle in a hit-and-run incident in
    South Kensington.

    In case anyone is interested, Thomas was killed by a hit and run Range

    The car was eventually traced through parts of bumper left on the road
    and a response to BBC Crimewatch.

    It was found for sale on e-bay in a damaged condition with no papers or
    license plates.

    At the time of the killing it belonged to a wealthy, female ex-diplomat
    with a reputation for driving drunk, who had been at a function in the
    Houses of Parliament the night Thomas was killed.

    After many months of her evading arrest and then the CPS deliberating
    about whether to bring cherges, the owner has been charged with causing
    death by dangerous driving and also perverting the course of justice.

    There is still no guarantee that the case will come to court but
    thankfully it was not dropped entirely, as looked likely a few months
    ago because it was too "complex".

    That would have set an unhappy precedent for cyclists.