The Dog Ate It....SOLVED/FIXED!!


Mar 28, 2011

So....I bought a Sugino Triple crank to put on my old Ross Gran Tour, which had the old double on it. Today when I got home my dad informs me that his basset hound had taken it, box and all, off the table and outside for a chew toy. My brother then mowed the lawn and found parts of it. He said "It sounded loud under there...." when he ran over the bag with the end caps and other "little parts". The crank and arms are, of course, still good, but I'm wondering how good they can be with other "little parts" missing. I think the little parts bag had only end caps that went on the outside of the hub over the arms, but no way to know now.

Are these parts easily replaceable, say....from the bike shop where I got them? Or am I SOL here?
The part numbers:
Sugino XD600 7/8sp 175mm 26-36-46t 74x110

Oh, by the'd YOUR day go? :)

Mike de 'nut
I got some replacements at The Bike Shop in Lancaster where I live for a few bucks. Mike (the owner) has gotten used to hearing the bizzare things that can happen with his customers, and he happened to have just what I needed on hand for a few bucks. I now have the triple mounted on the bike, and I didn't have to replace the deraileurs, either. Now I find my biggest problem is forgetting which direction to shift, if I need to at all. On this frame I seldom need to, unless going uphill. Been a few years since I've used this bike.

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