The feeling of owning a bike unique in the world is always an interesting feeling.


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Jul 13, 2004
NE Indiana
I had to go to your website that you forgot to mention to see the bike. Personally, and this is strictly a personal opinion, others here will probably disagree with me, but I found the bike to be ugly. However to be honest, I've only found a couple of wooden bikes that looked halfway decent, the best looking one I've seen and that one wasn't all that great was the Renovo, but it did have a beautiful finish to it that made it look like a piece of furniture in the form of a bike; the other one was a Holzweg, but the steel lugs kind of lost if for me, but otherwise it was ok. I think if someone made a wood bike with tube like appearance that took on the look of a bike made say in the 1800's then the look of the wood along with the look of being old would go hand in hand better like the one below except somehow, if possible, do away with the steel parts, at least as much as possible, and perhaps in strategic areas the wood may have to be made larger to take the stress? .