the five senses



I would like to invite all to my discussion board on "the five senses"

- Went dancing and liked the feeling of holding the partner in your arms? Write about it in the
TOUCH section
- Went to an exotic food-store and smelt a rotten Durian Fruit? Write about it in the SMELL section
- got this irritating sound or noise in your ear? Write about it in the LISTEN section
- are you writing a novel or a short story about a blind person? Tell us in the SEE section
- Does your water taste funny? ***** about it in the TASTE section...

There's really no-one who has got nothing to say about these topics, as we are using those
senses daily...

I'm looking for snippets out of newspapers, own experiences, technical information, scientific
essays, novels, short stories....anything really. This place should become like a web diary of the
human senses....a resource about the five senses, as well as a place to discuss and share ideas.

It's my own, non-commercial interest board and completely free. All you need to do is register with
a username and a password, and you're ready to go!

thanks for joining vinzi board administrator