The Fully Loaded Touring Bike photo gallery

Discussion in 'Touring and recreational cycling' started by Miles2go, Feb 12, 2007.

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    I mentioned this gallery here shortly after I created it (11 months ago), having only 7 images or something like that at the time.

    Today it has 167 high quality photos with a different fully loaded bike in each one. The popularity of the site has exploded with many images being pulled up over 700 times each month! I thought I was going to have a challenge reaching my goal of 100 images in the first year. :p

    I just added a few links and removed a couple of dead ones. There are 48 links if I recall. They all belong to people with bikes in the gallery and are touring related.

    This site is fully funded and managed by me, a regular dude with a 60ish hour work week that's totally unrelated to the internet, touring and bicycles. That said, photos that meet the requirements are generally posted within 24 hours of being received.

    I hope you enjoy seeing the gallery at least once. You never know how long things will last.



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    I've noticed that this site has been hijacked or re-directed, likely due to the owner failing to pay registration fees. This has only happened in the past few days or so. Any ideas on when the original site will get back up again?