The Future of Recreational Cycling - Part 2



I visited the RIDE show at the Dome yesterday. If the isze of the show represents our future in cycling we are in great trouble. We can then stop patting ourselves on the back and calling ourselves the fastest developing sport in the country. The food outlets were almost bigger than the stalls. The stall that were there were superbly done. Hats off to Omega and the other Cycling Shop (scared to name them in fear of being banned!!!!!!) We drove all the way from Pretoria to see this show that was advertised in the magazines months ago. What a shame. Looking at the wares displayed only the very rich will soon be able to practise this sport. This is sick!!!!!
The exibition was dwarfed by the magnificense of the dome.

Keep those wheels spinning and the prices down!!!!

Big H
Mmm, went to the show as well. Thankfully its just down the road from me, but I have to agree that it was a sad dissapointment. They shouldn't use such a large venue if they can't fill it as it looks even worse. I'd be interested to know where some of the big names were (other than being represented by some cycling stores). Shimano could, at least, have put up a stand and I can't remember seeing a Giant stand.
It was an absolute farce. There was no spirit either and I feel that the entrance fee certainly did not justify the product. I could not believe how pathetic this expo was. I even walked around all the stalls twice to make sure I hadn't prehaps missed something. I was outta there in 20 minutes max.

Other than Cyclelab, Omega and EPX, there was nothing of even remote interest. I have a sneaking suspicion that the costs of the stands may have been prohibitive for some of the other bike shops. Other than the advertising in the Ride magazine, there has been very little in terms of letting the 20 000 odd 94.7 participants know that there was an expo.

The only benefit I got from the expo was a substitution entry for the CANSA race next week.
We have done a few of the IT and Business expo's over the years and the cost of the stands is generally a ripoff and it ALWAYS ends up being a waste of a day from a businesses point of view IMO.
Really expected more from the show. Took us about 45min. to collect the Canca race packs and to visit all the stands. I was really hoping to see "Cape Cycle Systems" (importers) with there Cannondale frames etc?

Maybe is a better idea to have this kind of show a bit later in the year so we can see the new year's models?

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