The Grand Bike Theft Adventure or Check Out My New Wheels!


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Sep 10, 2005
Let me start off by first saying that this story probably won't interest the average person. It's more of an emo kids myspace blog than a legitimate cyclingforums thread, but here goes. Earlier today I was at the local LBS, which I used to work at getting parts for a model motorized Subaru. It's a hobby shop too. Before I left I thought to myself "Maybe I should bring the lock this time." I really considered it, but I did what I always did, not bring the lock. I figure my bike is safe enough at the rack right next to the big display window with me inside. Well, I was wrong, because when I had gotten my things, chatted about paint and walked outside I found a Roadmaster MtnTek in place of my Raleigh SC30. No doubt some alcoholic 16-50 year old male was riding along in search of his next fix when he saw his change to upgrade. He did leave me his department store MTB though, how thoughtful of him:) I asked my former boss if I could use a demo model to go chase after the theif, and took off on a very nice GT Zaskar Urban Machine 4.0. About 5 minutes later it was clear this loser was long gone, and I returned home after bringing the bike back. My former boss suggested I hop in my car and check out "The Gospel Mission" and surrounding ghetto, which is known to be full of alcoholic bike theives. I checked twice at different times, but no luck. I will have to rely on pure luck and the police to return my bike. I'm not too upset about the loss of my bike, I was getting ready to sell it anyway. It's being stolen from that pisses me off so much. This is the 3rd time I've had my property taken in the span of just over one year. Well, anyway, I headed down to the shop around 2AM on my '59 Schwinn to see if the p.o.s. MTB was still there. It was. I took pics of it and my Schwinn (for fun). I rode home and then jogged back, counting the steps (for fun) (What? I was bored) While running, I saw car headlights following me very slowly and thought "That's a cop." When the spotlight hit me I knew it was. He just asked me what I was doing (2AM) and I told him I was just out for a run. He stated that it was kind of a weird night to be doing that. "Yeah, but it's so nice out." It was. "Where do you live?"... "My address."..... "OK... have a good night."... "You too!" I keep running to have some girls in an SUV ask me where I was going and then challenge me to a race. They seemed to hear "home" when I said "Al's" (name of LBS) So, I get to Al's and grab the bike by the stem to walk it home in hopes that the po pos will dust it for prints and find a match, leading them to the culprit... but I'm not counting on that. Unless they want the bike, I will remove the decals, paint it flat black, paint things like "12/19/2005 We Will Never Forget", "only punk ass bitches steal bikes" and "bike theif" in red on it, and then beat/ride the **** out of it.

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