The great rugby discussion



What's happening ?

If I'm right the are a lot of South Africans and a lot of Aussie's and I'm Welsh so where is the hotly contested subject about who has the greatest rugby team ;D

I already know the answer, but I'd like to here your views on why you think you have the second greatest rugby team in the world. ;D

Yes I know this is a cycling forum but this is in the General Discussion Board, so come on let's here what you've got to say.
Woah, now this was one thread that I was afraid to start!
I didn't even know the Welsh had a rugby team :D

I'll be honest, I'm not a big fan of the game, but I do watch it from time to time. All I know is that the southern hemisphere rules! And considering their current form, I think the Springbucks will wipp the lot!
A try by Raphael Ibanez sealed a terrific and deserved 20-10 win over South Africa for a young French side on Saturday over the vastly more experienced team and give them only their fifth win in 13 matches at the Stade de France

...and here I go on 'bout how the Bokke will whip the lot. Guess I jinxed them ;D

After watching that shambles of a Welsh team yesterday, I shouldn't really lift my head up to high just in case it gets slapped to hard. ;D

This I cannot resist though;

Northern Hemisphere 2 Southern Hemisphere 1

I know you boys played all your games away from home but how many times do I get to post a result like that ;D

By the way , after going to watch Wales A v Argentina play Mid-week, I was under no illusion what would be the result of the 3 November Tests.
I cannot see Wales winning any :(
Yip, sad to say the Amabokkebokke AND the Wallabys went down to Northern Hemisphere teams this weekend.
Fortunately I didn't put money on any of them!
Vo2 What's happening ? ???

Wales actually won ;D

They only played Tonga, but a win is still a win. :)

Watched the France V Australia and France were once again awesome, for a young side they look good. I know the French can blow up in a split second and completely lose everything that they worked for but today they kept cool and looked good.

For all you Aussie out there I know the score was 14-13 but to be honest I didn't think that last try should have been allowed becausing of crossing, so I felt you boys should have been further away than the score really shows. :)
We came away with a victory against Italy this weekend (I know, I know, nothing to write home about), but like you say, a win is a win. Next the US, and then the might of England. The England pack is awesome, and I think they'll beat the Boks. Let's hope for a good game.

btw, Tonga is a tough team, so well done ;)
Ah , Italy

Since they have joined us in the six nations, It's comforting to know that there is a good chance that we'll win at least one game ;D

USA are yours for the taking, but England as you say are awesome (that's not easy for a welsh man to say ;)) , It's not bitterness believe me, but England come across as bigheaded, whilst the southern hemisphere teams who England are on a par with, come across as confident but respectful of their opponents, whoever they may be.
Italy had the Boks scammpering around the first half, so don't tackle them without boxing gloves. But they do lack BMT however, which usually allow the stronger teams to pull through.
I don't really think any team can say they're the outright best at the moment. It seems anyone can win on a good day but it will be interesting to see how the England - SA game goes. England always try to dominate up front with big forwards but SA guys are generally go for a more agile but powerful pack. The rest of the game should be dictated by how they deal with each other.

Did anyone notice how the tempramental Italians tried to provoke the SA team into a few fights? Good that they resisted... wouldn't want to hurt the little guys ;D
SA vs. England - now that was a sad game! Sure, the Boks will come back and win other games and everyone will be happy again, but geez, it's frustrating.
England v SA

Vo2 I didn't see this game, so I cannot comment on how the game went ,but I noticed that Mr Wilkinson kicked 7 penalties and a drop goal.(if I could have one wish, it would be to restrict the number of penalties at goal to five, then maybe we would see more tries)

I did see the NZ v Scotland and in all fairness Scotland they did themselves proud for the first hour, then they started get tired and that was the end of the game as far as I was concerned.

I got myself ready to watch the French play Fiji, which was played earlier but was due to shown on another channel, and the commentator gave the result away at the end of the NZ match, so that spoilt my plans. THAT IS FRUSTRATING :mad:
Lazarus, I watched the first half of the SA/England game and then decided that there were other things that I could frustrate myself with! Goh, I should of rather have gone for an 80 minute cycle!
My first prediction is that there will be Six teams playing. ;)

My second is that France will win (okay this is not so much a Prediction but a hope, I think that England are going to cruise it, but I think France will push them all the way).


There you go, it's there for you to ridicule when it proves to be totally wrong

Rugby has brought a lot of sadness in my life lately :D,going each week to watch the world's greatest team lose doesn't do anybody any good.

If you happen to see a league table for the Welsh Premier league go down to the bottom,but not quite all the way to the bottom(there is one team worse than mine) :) :) :)
Vo2 you got me sidetracked, once I start about rugby there's no stopping me :D.

How are you ? Hope the holiday period went okay and what did Santa bring you for X-mas.

Just a thought what was the weather like over Christmas and what's it like now ?
Howsit Lazarus! We spent X-mas at home, but got some nice goodies: cool new cycling shades to go with my cycling outfit, LA's book 'It's not about the bike', which may I add, is an awesome read! If you have'nt read it yet, go and get it now! I still have to get a new saddle and tyres for the bike, though. X-mas time in SA means summer, and it was cooking! Some rain here and there, but overall it was nice and hot. How was your X-mas?

Sadly, I have to go with England for the 6 Nations. I think they'll take off from where they left when the Boks and the Wallabys were over there, and wallop the others. Sad, but thats what I think's gonna happen.
So it's Pontypridd thats letting you down then? I must admit, alot of South Africans feel the same way you do considering the way that the Rugby and Cricket teams have been performing lately. The Aussies truly hammered Pollie and the boys Down Under. I don't see much hope for the Super12 either. :-[
Xmas was great, we missed out on a White Christmas by one day,waking up on Boxing Day to see everything covered in snow was excellent, it only lasted a few hours then the rain came down and washed it away.

Santa brought me Lego, Knex and the totally awesome Stomp Rocket (well actually he gave those to my son but I wasn't going to sit back and let him have all the fun :D).

Personally I waited till the sales after Xmas, and bought myself a new cycling jacket, CD writer and a DVD Player (so I'm going to try to catch up on some films that I haven't seen)

Suffering today, went to watch the boys play rugby yesterday kick-off was 5.30 so went out at 4.00 for a drink before the match, the boys won and made it into the Quarter finals of the European shield :D so finally got home at 4.30 am slightly worse for wear ::)
Lazarus, guess what?
Harry Viljoen the SA rugby coach, RESIGNED today!

Yep, you heard it here first! ;D

Here's my prediction for next years World Cup:
  • Wallabys
  • All Blacks
  • England
  • France
VO2 , Who do you think will get the job ? Maybe I should apply, I talk a good game ;D

Today my local team has a match against our nearest rivals, in terms of geography and in terms of league positions, they are bottom and we are next above them. :'(

In fact it's their castle that I posted in the picture.