The greatest hardshell

Traffic Jammer

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Nov 5, 2005
I got my hands on one of these badboys, you gotta check it out.
AWESOME!!! It's been down to -15 -20 with the windchill the last little bit and I've had to remove layers under this shell. That's not all folks, THE THING LIGHTS UP :eek: :p with two strips of super thin strobe lights that can be seen for blocks at night. Absolutely the best piece of riding gear I've ever had, and being able to been seen no problem is amazing. Each light strip gets like 200+ hours on 2AAA's. So cool. Check out the other stuff they got too. I swear I don't work for this company, I just gotta tell folks about this stuff. I've been waiting for this ever since I was a messenger!!!!

Seriously...check it out
Be the first kid on your block! :p

:p :p