The heat is on !


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Mar 30, 2007
When the weather starts to get real hot I really enjoy riding in the heat. Add on some humidity and I'm in my element. Nothing better than getting out on the bike and working up a sweat.
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The road there is surely inviting for a rider. It would be great if we have those kind of road that is neatly paved and no vehicles around. We call rider's paradise. Obviously, roads here are so crowded. Even in the suburbs where we live, you cannot see an empty road even for a minutes. I wouldn't dare ride by myself in the main roads here because it would be a risk to my neck.
Yeah, Corzhens is right. Riding a bike on the road with no vehicles around will be interesting. It is very difficult to find an empty road but I am sure you will find the roads if you go to the border of the city. I go there once a week for bike rides. I enjoy riding bikes in summer.
I completely agree with you on riding in the heat. It was 95 degrees F for my ride on Friday. It's so much better being out in that on a bike than running in it.
Heheh I prefer a fresh weather and don't get too sweaty instead. For me nothing beats to ride against the wind and feel the chilly touch of the strong breeze.