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Discussion in 'Recumbent bicycles' started by Edward Dolan, Feb 14, 2005.

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    As ARBR slowly drifts into incoherence, let us review for one last moment
    what has brought us to the present state of affairs.

    I came to this group over two years ago when it was nothing but a pig sty of
    liberal posting. I cleaned it up, but I did it fair and square by arguing
    the issues one by one with anyone who was brave enough to take me on. That
    is how a newsgroup ought to function. I gave as well as I took.

    What has changed? Ed Gin came to this group with nothing but mindless
    trolling. He steals names that do not belong to him and he parrots other's
    posts which is nothing if not dumb. But that kind of dumbness has destroyed
    the newsgroup. Ask yourselves, if you were coming to this group for the
    first time, would you be interested when you see what is going on here. No
    newbies will come here the way things are now. No women will ever come here
    either because they are not as crazy as we are.

    Ed Gin has destroyed the newsgroup single handedly because the rest of you
    were too cowardly to oppose him. One rotten apple can spoil the barrel and
    it has happened right here on ARBR before your very eyes.

    I have previously announced that I was leaving this group and all Usenet
    groups forever because scumbags like Ed Gin can get away with murder. I am
    still going to leave, but I am going to go very slowly because I am somewhat
    interested to see just how cowardly the rest of you are and how much you
    will put up with until you rebel against a character like Ed Gin. We shall
    see, won't we!

    Ed Dolan the Great - Minnesota

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    More Ed Gin shit from the king of crap Ed Dolan

  3. More monkey crap from the chump chimp ex-Monkey Islander who has
    transfromed A.R.B.R. into a stagnant cesspool

    Click "show options" and then "Show original" to vew the entire header

    Telltale header of ED - The Impersonator & Sock Puppet - GIN
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